By founding a gypsum company on November 1st, 1945, i.e. 75 years ago, Rigips introduced and spread the dry construction method with gypsum boards – the Rigips panels – in Germany. No other manufacturer of plasterboard can offer its customers and partners in Germany such a wealth of experience.

Modern, flexible and inexpensive construction methods without Rigips panels are unthinkable today. Rigips panels can be found in residential construction, in hospitals, schools, office and administration buildings, in production buildings and many other buildings. The name Rigips is often used today as a generic term for plasterboard. But be careful: only where Rigips is written is the quality drywall inside.
In the anniversary month of October 2020, all friends of the Rigips brand can look forward to attractive online competitions and campaigns to mark the original’s 75th birthday. So it’s always worth checking out the Rigips website, the Rigips Facebook and LinkedIn accounts and the Rigips YouTube channel.
And for all those who love detail, we have compiled the history of plasterboard and Rigips‘ contribution to it as a chronicle. In 2019 ‚Rigips – The Original.‘ already the 125th anniversary of drywall construction! On May 22nd, 1894 Augustine Sackett applied for a patent for the plasterboard (picture above right) in the USA. And in 1945 the Rigips success story began in Germany.
We would like to thank our customers and partners for decades of loyalty and look forward to working with you to continue to advance drywall construction not only in Germany.

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