Regardless of whether you want to repaint your apartment, house facade or garage, with us you get the right color for every task and every requirement. In our well-stocked on-site warehouse and online shop, you can also buy facade paint that is optimally matched to the respective substrate, for optimal results and a long shelf life! Our facade paints are weather-resistant, offer high coverage and are easy to process.

Our Südwest floor paints make basement and garage floors permanently hard-wearing. The silk-gloss two-component coating based on epoxy resin can be thinned with water and is ideal for interior surfaces with high loads.

With the interior colors from Südwest you will achieve perfect results that you will enjoy for a long time! Our interior paints are economical to use, offer excellent coverage and are also easy to use. If you like colors and want to design your walls and ceilings individually, we recommend our rich and easy-to-dose full and tinted colors from Pufas.

We have a new and high-quality paint mixing system in our warehouse. With this we can meet all your color wishes.

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